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Dr. Raju Dr. C.K. Raju, B.Sc, DAc, PGDNY, MAc, DrAc. Adv.CAc (China), PhD (Acu)
Acupuncturist & Chief Trainer
TCM Acupuncture Course Writer
Vice President
Karnataka Acupuncture Association Consultant
SRUSHTI Hospital, Kotturpuram & Ramavaram, Chennai.
Mobile:+91 8056178639 & +91 9444279903
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Abhiramapuram Clinic address

74/88, Sundararajan Street,
Trustpakkam, Abhiramapuram,
Chennai - 600018

Treatment at Abhiramapuram Clinic on Tue, Wed and Fridays

Valasaravakkam Clinic Address

6-9 Janaki Nagar,
Valasaravakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600087

Treatment at Acuheal Valasarawakkam on Sat and Sun

Consultation/Treatment on prior appointment only

Dr A. Shaji BharathDr. A. Shaji Bharath M.Ac., M.D.,(Acu)., PhD

No.16/9, Chellammal Street,
Janaki Nagar, Valasaravakkam,
Chennai- 600 087.
Mail id:
Mobile: 9840514335